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What is Dark Times?

The new online comic book

Read it in your browser

With Dark Times there is no need to download anything. Dark Times is built using the Ren'py game engine and can be enjoyed directly on your browser. 

Animations and Audio

The Dark Times experience is enhanced by music, sound effects and simple animations. All combine to give a unique reading experience for you to enjoy.

New Episodes EVERY month

Dark Times is a comic series with new episodes planned to be released every month. Stick around. It's going to be a hell of a ride.

Heroes and heroines the way they are supposed to be

Dark Times is a comic in the old fashioned tradition - where the heroines are hotties and the heroes are hunks. My target demographic is every teenage boy over the age of forty who fondly remembers the days before political correctness. Whose first crush was an impossibly proportioned super heroine from the pages of a comic book secretly bought with his lunch money. If this sounds familiar the Dark Times is for you.

Sexy, action packed story lines

A scantily clad nun on the run. A sexy, cage fighting vampire ex-nun. A hunky hero with the hots for both of them. All being chased by battle hardened priests, a sinister Cardinal with visions of ruling the world and hordes of blood sucking vampires. All the ingredients for a thrill a minute roller coaster ride of a tale.

Member's Area

For supporters of Dark Times we have created our Member's area which is packed with bonus content. As well as extra galleries of all your favorite characters we have bonus scenes - some with video. At present the Ren'py game engine used to create Dark Times does not support video when used in the browser. Hopefully this will change in the future but for now video scenes will be found in the member's area. Other perks of being a member include discounts on merchandise.

What Our Readers Say?

(Please leave comments - always appreciated)

hahahahaha Brilliant! Funny and entertaining. Can't wait for the next episode.

Dave Griffin

It's only the first episode and I've already got a crush on Sister Baby lol

Andy Gee

A breath of fresh air. Finally something created solely for fun and enjoyment. No hidden agendas or politically correct messages. Keep up the good work

Mike H