In the year 2035 an asteroid strikes the Earth in what is called an
“extinction event”. Around 70% of all life on earth is wiped out immediately
but so much dust and debris is thrown up into the atmosphere that the sun is
completely blocked and a never ending night begins. The remaining plant life
soon withers and dies. Animals die of starvation.

The few remaining humans are forced to scavenge amongst the ruins looking
for tinned food. Governments no longer existed. law and order was a thing of
the past. Life was a fight for survival and it was every man for himself.

Then an age old legend became a reality. Emboldened by the permanent night
and hungry because their food supply (humans) had so greatly depleted, vampires
emerged form the shadows and the Blood Wars began. The vampires, stronger and
faster than humans, quickly dominated. Humanity was reduced to a mere food

In desperation humanity turned to the Church. Priests became the new
warriors who defended the faithful and soon began to beat back the vampires. A
new synthetic food source, Manna, was developed and made available to the
faithful in exchange for work and devotion. Humans flocked to the cities that
grew under the protection of the church. Criminals and non believers were
quickly and ruthlessly excommunicated and thrown out to fend for themselves
with the vampires.

Eventually the Blood Wars ended. The vampires, realizing that to win the war would destroy their food source, agreed a truce where they would not harm the church faithful and would control their population by not turning and more victims.